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Sophia (LS6905)

Suggested Retail: $12,000 Internet Price: $9300 Our Price: $8500

Dimensions listed below images. Pricing includes entire set. All product can be sold indivudally.

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This stylish Leather Sofa Set includes a Sofa, Love seat, and Chair. The more you use this sofa set, the softer it will get. This leather sofa is durable so it will remain supple for many years. This modern leather sofa will last a long time and will give your home an elegant new look.

Pricing Structure

Retail: $6000
Internet: $4650
Our Special: $4250


Love Seat:
Retail: $4000
Internet: $2800
Our Special: $2500


Arm Chair:
Our Special: $1750

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Call for info and orders 800.650.0756

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