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old fashion drinking scene

The Neapolitan
Dimensions: 85-1/8"x29-3/4"x13-7/8"

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Suggested retail price:$17,000
Our everyday low price:$14,000
Special WWW price:$12,000

 Cabinet Finish

Finish is Walnut, Ashtree, and cherry.  

Clock design

Clock is a very unique design. The glass is arched creating a sleek shape.This piece is made with exquisite craftsmanship. The wood is made of triple inlay: Walnut, Ash, and Cherry.

Features locking door.

Clock face is in brass with raised Arabic numerals and has moving moon phase feature.  The solid brass dial depicts hour, minute, and second hand.

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Clock movement photo

  German movement

German movement with three chimes: Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington. Clock chimes on the quarter, half, and hour. 8 day wind up with automatic night-off feature.

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