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Queen of Denmark
H 85-1/2" x W 26-1/2" x D 15-1/2"


Suggested retail price: $9,995
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Dim: H 85-1/2" x W 26-1/2" x D 15-1/2"

This solid rosewood straight waist case is finished in an elegant cherry. Gracefully sculptured and fluted half turned columns and beveled glass in the side panels. Decorative hand carved design at crown, door, and base. The brass 8-day cable wind weight-driven movement offers the three most renowned clock melodies, Westminster, Whittington and St. Michael as well as automatic night shut-off.
Side doors allow you to view the inner workings of the clock movement.

Ornate cast dial with arabic numerals and serpentine hands. Moving moon phase dial allows you to sync your clock with the natural cycle of the moon's cyclical pattern of waxing and waning. Brass pendulum features decorative pattern.

The Queen of Denmark is an exquisite piece that is destined to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment and an heirloom to pass on to future generations.

Mechanical 8-day cable wind weight-driven triple chime movement.


German Mechanical Movement

Mechanical 8-day cable-driven triple chime movement with Westminster,, Whittington, St. Michael. Featuring automatic night shut-off.

Mechanical movement
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Queen of Denmark

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